What is Québec BVI

Québec BVI

What is Québec BVI?

With the increasing demand for sustainable, ecological and responsible construction, Québec BVI was created to support this growing industry in the greater Québec City region. Year after year, this young cluster has been growing and becoming a key resource for its industry and members.

Our role and main areas of action

Québec BVI helps establish and promote the region in the field of smart, responsible and energy-efficient construction. To do so, we focus our actions and activities around the priorities of our members and the industry as well as our 3 priority areas of action below.

Business Development

The best projects stem from the development of strong bonds and networking opportunities.

A distinctive products and services offering, strategic committees, local and international networking events... Québec BVI creates a wide array of opportunities that promote good business relations among its members and the industry, including financial support for innovative projects created through a partnerships between companies and the research sector. Québec BVI’s commercialization-focused approach is supported by coaching services throughout the launching, innovation and recruiting processes.

Skills Development

Knowledge and skills development also help identify the most promising ideas.

Québec BVI offers activities focused on innovation and best industry practices. These initiatives take the form of training events, peer groups and coaching, based on the needs identified by cluster members.

Global Positioning

Showcasing the region’s achievements, capabilities, innovation and talent to gain global recognition.

Québec BVI supports the region’s positioning in terms of sustainable urban development, highlights designer expertise in innovative real estate projects and promotes the region’s unique offering of building materials, products and technologies. To achieve these goals, the cluster uses promotional tools and represents the sector in regional committees and issue tables.

Our executive committee

  • Michel Dallaire, President

    CEO, Groupe Dallaire
    Chief director

  • Marc Lapointe

    Business Development Director, Québec International
    Director of Québec BVI

  • Julien Jean-Charland


  • Edgar Cormier

    Multiver Ltée

  • Jean-Philippe Thériault

    Epsylon Concept Inc.

  • Guillaume Roy

    BlackWare Technologies

  • Caroline Guérard

    Régis Côté Architectes

  • George Blouin

    Synchro Immobilier et Architecture

  • Sylvain Labbé

    Wood Export Bureau

  • André Potvin

    ARC. Université Laval

  • Louis Tremblay

    Ville de Québec

  • Ysabelle Poulin

    Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation

Québec BVI documentation

Would you like to learn more about us, or share information about our role? You will find below some promotional material, our graphic standards and much more! Do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Overview of Québec BVI

    Discover Québec BVI with this overview of its role, services, action axes and industry.

  • Join Québec BVI

    A short summary of the benefits of becoming a member of Québec BVI

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Notre lien avec Québec International : un atout

Québec BVI est géré par Québec International, l’agence de développement économique de la région de Québec. Par cette association, notre créneau peut offrir un soutien encore plus complet, et vous proposer des services en attraction de talents internationaux, en commercialisation et exportation, en entrepreneuriat technologique, et implantation et expansion et beaucoup plus. Découvrez tout l’appui supplémentaire disponible en consultant le site de Québec International.

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