Our achievements

To support the green and smart building industry, Québec BVI has implemented and supported several successful initiatives with concrete benefits for the sector. From promotion and skill development to the creation of new networks, discover the impact of our actions on the Québec City region’s green and smart building sector.

important achievements

Our impact

Through our actions, we are taking the industry further and helping it grow and stand out around the globe. In fact, in 2020, our interventions have led to:

  • $1.5M

    in economic benefits

  • 60

    meetings with businesses, allowing us to explore business opportunities

  • 21

    networking and skill development programs and activities

  • 417

    participants in our initiatives

  • 3

    industrial innovation projects to support commercialization and R&D

Some examples of our achievements

Québec BVI helps create and organize several key meetings for the industry. In addition to helping develop workers’ and employers’ skills, these activities help promote Québec City’s expertise and highlight industry actors’ exceptional innovation capabilities.

  • The Construction numériQc series

    Construction numériQC is a series of conferences and discussions with experts that allow managers, professionals, manufacturers, service providers, associations and contract givers from the industry to see everything that is done locally and abroad to combine digital technology and construction. During these conferences, participants learn about new practices they can implement to build with the best available technology at every stage, from planning to implementation and maintenance.

  • Industry stakeholder panel: How to respond to new challenges?

    As in many other industries, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on construction, and even more so in the highly innovative field of green and smart building, which aims to prepare a more durable future for buildings. To respond to current questions and get a glimpse of the future of the sector, Québec BVI has brought together several major industry actors for a panel discussion.

  • Visionary meeting: Boston Edition, New England, Quebec

    On April 27-28, 2018, Québec BVI invited Quebec’s green and smart building industry to meet American architects regarded as pioneers in terms of sustainable building. The event strengthened the region’s position while providing the ideal context for networking and discussing the latest innovations. Following the event, Québec City was invited to present three of its flagship projects at the prestigious 2019 North East Sustainable Energy Summit.

  • Le Laboratoire Vivant

    Le Laboratoire Vivant is a positive energy house prototype designed to be self-sufficient and built using a very low carbon footprint system. The building will be used to carry out various energy efficiency research experiments and to develop a smart energy storage system that can adjust to the users’ habits.

Our Partners

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