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Historique de Québec VITAE

What is Québec VITAE?

A catalyst for change and a compass for the life sciences and health technology industry, Québec VITAE has evolved to better assume its role of supporting the Québec City region’s LSHT industry and solving issues.

Our role and main areas of action

Québec VITAE tries to advance the Québec City region’s life sciences and health technology industry. Acting both as a reference and an ambassador for the industry with international investors, governments and decision-makers, our cluster lays the foundation for the LSHT industry to shine and gain the recognition it deserves on a global scale. Based on the priorities identified by several industry stakeholders, our cluster tries to find solutions to major issues, promote collaboration, support innovation and, most importantly, come up with concrete and effective actions for all actors in the sector.

Engage and Unify

When the members of an ecosystem share a common vision, initiatives can be implemented more quickly and their benefits are increased.

Québec VITAE promotes a sense of belonging and ensures that the vision is aligned with the needs of all members. This way, the cluster contributes to reinforcing the necessary foundations to carry out actions supporting the industry’s development, both locally and outside the region.

Promote Growth

Recognition of the industrial ecosystem outside the region facilitates the development of new markets for members.

By promoting the use of different means such as commercialization programs, financing, training, events and much more, Québec VITAE helps businesses access infinite sources of business opportunities and development in the province, in Canada and in the world.

Recognize the Workforce

To remain competitive, any innovative business needs a highly qualified workforce with a current and relevant set of skills.

Québec VITAE supports and promotes actions that help alleviate recruitment and skills development difficulties so that local organizations can count on staff that will bring their projects even further.

Support Financing in Innovation

By providing the required support to promising projects, an industry can achieve its full potential and stand out on a large scale.

By promoting the use of public financing programs and the search for new sources of capital, Québec VITAE helps members of the ecosystem identify and meet new business partners.

Our Executive Committee

Composed primarily of business leaders and strategic stakeholders, the Québec VITAE executive committee works on developing strategies designed to identify, initiate and simplify the implementation process for projects mobilizing industry stakeholders and positionning the area’s expertise on a provincial and global scale.

Québec VITAE Documentation

Would you like to learn more about us, or share information about our role? You will find below some promotional material, our graphic standards and much more!

  • Overview of Québec VITAE

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Our affiliation with Québec International : an asset

Québec VITAE is managed by Québec International, the Québec City region’s Economic Development Agency. Through this association, our cluster can provide more comprehensive support and services for international talent attraction, commercialization, export, high-tech entrepreneurship, business establishment, expansion, and much more. Visit Québec International’s website to learn more about the available support.

Our Partners

Québec VITAE is a registered trademark of Québec International.