Québec International visual signature

Logo and norms

Standard Guide

The visual signature is composed of two elements : the symbol and the signature.

Québec International's symbol is represented by 5 circles refering to the agency's five mandates as well as to the five continents. The various openings through these shapes illustrates the international interaction and the open-mindedness of the region toward the rest of the world.

Also, the blue and green shades represent the natural environment and, by extension, the superior quality of life that the Québec Region has to offer.

The symbol's general shape represents the letter "Q". From this signature emerges movement, synergy and a multidimensional feel that represents well the Region and the mission of Québec International.

Color logos

Available in JPG and EPS formats.

White logo

In accordance with the graphical standard guide, the Québec International logo can not be used in a negative or inverted way. If constraints do not allow any other option, only the signature should be used, as in the following example: