Québec City’s industries: Cultivating diversity

Would you like to discover more about the various industries in the Québec City region? Learn more about Québec City’s industrial diversity, which makes it a rich and fertile breeding ground for different niches of expertise and partnerships between companies.

Several industries stand out, not just in Québec City, but also in the province of Québec, in Canada, in North America and internationally. In fact, nearly 45% of the region's total GDP is generated by 7 of these sectors, which equates to $15.5 billion.

See how the creativity and willingness of the region’s professionals continues to build and maintain this dynamic economic landscape.

Information and communication technologies

Are you interested in information and communication technologies, also known as ICT? In Québec City, this is a constantly-evolving industry. With its diverse expertise, research centres and numerous businesses and organizations, Québec City is a very fertile place for technology and digital development. See all that ICT can do and offer.

Electronics and optics-photonics

Do you have any questions about electronics and optic-photonics? Learn that research is one of this sector’s drivers. Yes, Québec City is one of the world leaders in this field. So much research has had the effect of boosting this industry in the region, which has culminated in the establishment of a wide variety of expertise and businesses. In addition to this, it fosters the creation of innovative solutions. Do you find this captivating? Continue exploring the subject in our overview of Québec City’s electronic and optics-photonic industry.

Life sciences and health technologies

If you are interested in life sciences, the Québec City region has a lot to offer you. Recognized for its expertise in this sector, it is home to many research centres and innovative companies working on various world-class topics: biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals, etc. From basic research to the design of medical technologies, see how this sector innovates and stands out in Québec City.

Food and nutrition

Are you passionate about food and nutrition? You should know that the region is on the cutting edge in this are, with very fertile research. Because of this and its stakeholders’ creativity, this industry is the flagship of our regional economy and is recognized around the world. Its companies excel, among other things, in processing functional foods and organic and local products. Do you want to know more? Discover the secrets of this industry’s momentum.

Video games and digital solutions

Do you like video games and digital technology? Québec City does too. This industry is positioned as a driver of major economic growth in the region. Its professionals are highly-trained, diversified and very high level, which makes this sector highly competitive on the world scale. This indie community in Québec City produces, among others, entrepreneurs and senior developers who have made their marks at major studios and their AAA franchises, generating a contagious energy. Do you want to know what is hidden within? Jump in with both feet and learn more about this tightly-woven sector.

Insurance and financial services

Did you know that the Québec City region is nicknamed the "Insurance Capital?” Why? Because several insurance and financial services companies’ head offices are located here. There are 10 of them occupy advantageous locations along the St. Lawrence River in both Québec City and Lévis, making the region a Canadian leader in the field. Do you want to know more about this industry? Find out more about its presence in the region here.

Green and Smart Building

Are you passionate about ecological construction and the future of the building industry? Day after day, Québec City's innovative manufacturers, creative architects and research centres work on improving every facet of the industry. This overarching approach is possible thanks to the collaboration of the region’s industry stakeholders who work on optimizing every stage in the life of a building, from its design to its demolition. See all that Québec City has to offer in the field of green and smart building!


Are you a manufacturing company looking to venture out and explore new horizons? Québec City is sure to seduce you! Offering a favourable geographic position, strong industrial diversity and low operating costs, Québec City has everything you need to fulfill your biggest ambitions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic. In the Québec City region, we do more than simply anticipate AI’s evolution: we shape it, develop it and apply it. With strong capabilities in the capture and analysis of physical-world data and advanced fundamental research, Québec City has all the resources to transform an AI concept into a viable and efficient solution. Discover a real incubator for practical applications!

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