Life sciences and health technologies: A booming industry in Québec City

Are you interested in health and the science and technology that surrounds it? You won’t be disappointed in Québec City. From basic research, to patient treatment and prevention, to disease screening, the life science and health technology industry benefits from the region’s exceptional business environment.

It is home to world-renowned research centers, several industry leaders and a multitude of innovative companies (see the companies list). They provide the Québec City region with cutting-edge expertise in:

  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Medical technology
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Nutraceutics

The region is also a significant decision-making centre in the health field. It builds on successful inter-sectoral collaborations that provides real proximity to all industry players. It’s an initiative that makes it a real incubator of innovative techniques that revolutionize the health field.

Here you will learn why Québec City is fertile ground for the life sciences and health technologies industry.

Research and test tubes

Some figures about life sciences in the Québec City region

Data: Québec International, 2016

  • 9200


    (6750 direct jobs)

  • 121


  • $1.3 billion

    in sales

  • 84

    R&D centres, chairs and research laboratories

Expertise that advances health

Did you notice that many leaders in life sciences and health technologies have established themselves in the Québec City metropolitan area? Their presence helps the region stand out and enables them to play home to many innovative companies with advanced expertise. See some of these organizations below, organized by sector:


Here are some of the companies and organizations in the field of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics that are established in the provincial capital region:

AEF Global, BD Diagnostics,  Biotepp, Biovecpharma, Bosk Bioproducts, Brilliant Matters , Diex Recherche, Biotepp, Biovecpharma, Bosk Bioproducts, Brilliant Matters, Diex Recherche, Endoceutics, Feldan Therapeutics, GlaxoSmithKline, Optel Group  —  Pharmaceutical, Syneos Health, Ivano Bioscience, Laboratory Inodal, Maresins Pharma, Matrix Innovation, OmegaChem, Pharmalab, Pharma in Silica, PurCann Pharma, Saguaro, SiliCycle Group, SyntBioLab.


Here are some of the organizations in medical technology and health-related information that have chosen the Québec City region:

Amec Médical, Asentri, Bliq Photonics, Bio 6, Biomark Diagnostics, BioTwin, B-Temia, Bodycad, Caristix, Creaform 3D médical, diaMentis, DoMedic, Femtum, Meridian Bioscience, Optel Group — Medical Devices,  Groupe Neuro Solutions, Groupe Sante Concerto, Fiso Médical, Genolife, Gydle, Hospitalis, Icentia, Medscint, Moore Med-Tech, Myca, Nanostent, Opsens Medical, Muutaa, Orthofab, OxyNov, Panthera Dental, PetalMD, Plastiques Moore EXO-S, Prehos, Steris Corporation, TechMed 3D, TSO3, TurboMed Orthotics, UmanoMedical, Zilia.


Here are the health and wellness products companies located in the Québec City region:

Aliksir, Atrium Innovations, Bain Ultra, Nutrajit, Bloomi, Boréaderme, Dectro International, Epiderma, IFF - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, Immanence Dermo Correction, Innovactiv, Invocation, Laboratoires Bio ForeXtra, Diana Food, Nuda, Officina, Omy Cosmetics, Phytimpact, Synéova, Terlys

Internationally-renowned researchers and discoveries

As you may imagine, having so many innovative companies and research centres in the same region creates an environment conducive to attracting great researchers and nurturing discoveries. This is the case in the Québec City area.

Several advancements have been made here, including new vaccines for certain viruses and new treatments for different diseases. Several internationally-recognized researchers are behind this work and the major breakthroughs that follow. Here are some of them:

  • Michel G. Bergeron, Founder of the Infectious Disease Research Centre at Université Laval
  • Gary Kobinger, Director of Infectious Disease Research Centre at Université Laval
  • Sylvain Moineau, Canada Research Chair in Bacteriophage
  • Jean-Pierre Després, Scientific Director for the Centre de recherche sur les soins et les services at the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale

Active, well-known research centres

As you know, research is an important driver in the health and life sciences community. The Université Laval is very active in the field. The Québec City region offers many possibilities and areas of research. Here are some of the research centres for which Québec City is famous:

  • Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec – Université Laval
  • Infectious Disease Research Centre  (CRI) —  Université Laval
  • Québec Heart and Lung Institute (CRIUCPQ)
  • CERVO Brain Research Centre

Would you like to know more about the research centres, their researchers and their projects? Visit our page about Life Sciences and Health Technology Research in Québec City.

Private and public investment for a fertile, vital industry

An industry’s vitality soon attracts investors. The Québec City region is no exception. The life sciences and health technology community’s vitality means that it can count on significant investments, both private and public.

Here are some major investments that were recently announced or ongoing:

  • Construction of the new Québec hospital complex by the Société québécoise des infrastructures

    Public investment of $1.967 billion

  • Construction of a research and production complex for Medicago

    Private investment of $245 million

  • Construction of an integrated regional cancer center at l’Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis

    Public investment of $158 million

  • Construction of a pharmaceutical complex for EndoCeutics

    Private investment of $80 million

Québec VITAE: An industrial cluster in health sciences

Do you think it's important for an industries’ companies and researchers to work together to advance their field? This is what Québec Vitae does! It’s an industry group that brings the provincial capital’s life sciences and medical technologies companies and organizations together to foster better cooperation.

Becoming a member of such a group also enables you to benefit from the support, activities, projects and programs which are tailor-made for the sector’s companies. It’s a great way for industry players to work together to position the region's expertise and to contribute to its growth.

Are you curious about this cluster? Learn more about it on its website.

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