Green and Smart Building in Québec City - When Smart Rhymes with Efficient

Thanks to its flourishing construction sector and the ingenuity of its entrepreneurs, the Québec City region has carved a desirable place for itself in the green and smart building niche. Its expertise is unique, relying on an approach that considers the goals in terms of costs, comfort and flexibility (smart building) as well as environmental impact mitigation (green building).

Moreover, its proximity to major markets like Boston, New York and Washington means that the region can occupy a forefront position with great export potential.

Diverse expertise

With several eminent construction industry businesses and ingenious organizations, the Québec City region boasts a diverse expertise in construction. Researchers and entrepreneurs work together to cover an array of specialties and propose deeply green and smart buildings, both in design and maintenance. This expertise includes:

  • Innovative development projects
  • Innovative design practices
  • State-of-the-art materials and technologies
  • Energy-efficient buildings
  • Wood construction

Research That Fuels Progress

Research is essential to really bring constructions further and integrate innovative and efficient methods. In this regard, the Québec City region can rely on several research fields spanning many aspects of green and smart building.

Here are a few of the region’s renowned establishments that make Québec City the perfect place to develop new durable materials and processes:

  • FPInnovations – Forintek Branch
  • The Unité mixte de recherche en sciences urbaines (UMRsu)
  • The Industrial Research Chair on Eco-responsible Wood Construction (CIRCERB)

If you would like to learn more about research in the field of green and smart building in the Québec City area, visit the web page on the subject.

Exemplary Buildings

Interested to see how the region's expertise translates into actual buildings? Discover exemplary buildings created with the participation of businesses and research centres from the region.

  • The STGM Architectes building

    Office building, LEED®-NC 2009 Platinum certification

  • Chauveau soccer stadium

    LEED®-NC 2009 Silver certification

  • La Cité Verte

    Ecodiscrict, 9.3 hectares

  • La Capitale headquarters

    Commercial office building, LEED®-NC Gold certification

A key Cluster in Green and Smart Building - Québec BVI

Would you like to help develop the buildings of the future? Collaboration is key to ensure best results, and this is exactly what Québec BVI is looking to accomplish.

Québec BVI engages businesses and stakeholders working in the construction and design of low-environmental-impact and energy-efficient buildings and in the development and manufacturing of architectural products and innovative technologies. Its projects and activities focus on business development, commercialization and innovation as well as the development and national and international outreach of local expertise.

Becoming a member of Québec BVI means that you are helping your organization and the industry accomplish great things. Learn more about this key cluster on Québec BVI’s website.

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