Industrial clusters: Grow with your industry

Do you want to interact with other people in your industry? You can do just that through regional industrial clusters, also called niches of excellence, while also benefiting from support, activities, projects and programs tailored to companies in your sector.

As part of this group of entrepreneurs, you will be able to share with other stakeholders and professionals in your field. You will also have the opportunity to work with them to advance and showcase the work of businesses in the Québec City region.

Thanks to our industrial clusters, you can benefit from many personalized services. Our dedicated experts will help to ensure the success of your business and develop your industry as a whole.

There are three niches of excellence in the Québec City region:

  • Green and smart buildings
  • Digital arts and interactive entertainment
  • Life sciences and health technologies

Find out what each of them has to offer and see what you can accomplish for your field when you are a member of an industrial cluster.

Green and smart buildings: QUÉBEC BVI

Do you design or manufacture products to make buildings greener and smarter? Become a member of QUÉBEC BVI.

Who are the members in this group? Entrepreneurs and stakeholders working in:

  • Building design and construction:
    • Minimal environmental footprint
    • Low energy consumption
  • The development and manufacturing of:
    • Architectural products
    • Innovative technologies

Through this group’s projects and activities, you can help advance your field and its influence as well as help it grow both locally and internationally. You can participate in innovating in your sector while doing the same in your own business.

Sound interesting? To join and to learn more about this niche and its programming, contact us.

Techno Creativity in Video Games, Animation and Immersive Experiences: QUÉBEC ÉPIX

Do you specialize in video games, special effects, animation, multimedia or immersive environment design? Join the digital arts and interactive industrial cluster called QUÉBEC ÉPIX.

There are other business of all sizes in your field. Together, you can:

  • Work to overcome your common challenges
  • Pool your resources
  • Acquire and expand your strategic skills
  • Develop new markets
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Promote your sector and develop it for the future

Would you like to get involved? Contact us and become a member and find out about this niche of excellence.

Life sciences and health technologies: Québec VITAE

Is your business in the field of life sciences or health technologies? Québec VITAE is for you!

In order to facilitate collaboration, you can collaborate with other businesses and professionals from the biopharmaceutical, health technology and natural product sectors.

You can work with them on projects and activities to develop your regional ecosystem’s performance and its ability to:

  • Transform research into commercial success
  • Attract capital
  • Develop state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Ensure the creation and growth of innovative businesses

Would you like to get started? Ask to become a member and find more information about this industrial cluster. Contact us.

Take advantage of our support for a multitude of business challenges

Do you have specific questions? Are you looking for a financial, technology or business partner? We have the information, contacts and services you need:

  • Consulting services and support
  • International missions
  • Training
  • Conferences
  • Networking activities

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To find out about our different activities and events, consult our calendar.


Focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, financing and support, the Entrepreneurial Vision – Québec 2026 aims to make Québec City the entrepreneurial capital of the country within 5 years. It brings together programs and financial assistance measures to grow businesses. The Vision receives over $75.8 million in funding from the Government of Québec over four years. This funding was extended until March 2025 and increased by $19.6 million. The City of Québec, Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale and Québec International act as key partners in the deployment of the Vision.

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