Investing in yout own growth

Reach your full potential with a strategic and profitable reinvestment 

As a manager or representative of an international subsidiary already established Québec City, you know that you must be ready to invest in order to grow.

Your expansion is our priority. Our mission is to support you along each step of your reinvestment plan by providing the necessary support and resources to reach your ambitious goals. Together, we’re making Québec City the ideal place for you to grow and succeed. 

Expand your factory or site

To increase your production capacity or extend your physical presence and satisfy growing demand.

Create a new production line

To diversify your products or services by capitalizing on the innovation and qualified workforce in the region

Purchase new equipement

To modernize your systems or operations with cutting-edge technologies and improve your company’s efficiency and productivity

Increase sales

Aim for a significant increase in sales by expanding your activities in Québec City

Personalized support

Our team of investment experts offer you personalized support in:  

  • 1. Finding available financing to carry out your projects

    We help you identify the best financing opportunities between various available financing options, government grants, and R&D tax credits.

  • 2. Achieving the goals of your parent company

    We understand the importance of fulfilling the expectations of your parent company. If it assigned you environmental goals, such as reducing energy expenses and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we have the resources and expertise necessary to support you in this project.

  • 3. Accelerating your expansion plan

    If your objective is to double your production capacity or develop new products, our personalized support will enable you to realize your expansion or diversification plan.

  • 4. Executing your strategic plan

    Our team of experts will help you transform your strategic goals into tangible realities. If your plan includes innovation in digital services or logistical processes improvement, our expertise is at your service to guarantee a successful rollout.

  • 5. Enhancing your economic impact

    We highlight the added value of your company for the local economy.