Examplary Buildings in the Québec City region

The greater Québec City region is host to many buildings that display outstanding architectural prowess. LEED® certifications, smart spaces, innovative use of materials and renovation projects that combine both charm and modernity are some of the great realizations showcasing the expertise of manufacturers, builders, prime contractors and architects in the region.

Read on to see some of these realizations (currently only available in French).

  • Caisse Desjardins de Lévis

    Commercial office building, LEED®-NC Silver certification

  • Centre culture et environnement Frédéric Back

    Commercial building for not-for-profit organizations

  • Centre des congrès de Québec

    Commercial building for hosting conventions and events

  • Cohabitat

    5 multi-residential buildings

  • Chauveau soccer stadium

    LEED®-NC 2009 Silver certification

  • Delta 3

    Commercial office building, LEED®-CS Gold certification

  • Telus Building

    Commercial and office building, LEED®-CS Gold certification

  • Fondaction

    First contemporary six-storey wood-frame building in North America

  • The STGM Architectes building

    Office building, LEED®-NC 2009 Platinum certification

  • La Cité verte

    Ecodiscrict, 9.3 hectares

  • Place de l’Escarpement 1

    Commercial office building, LEED®-NC Gold certification

  • La Capitale headquarters

    Commercial office building, LEED®-NC Gold certification

  • Maheu & Maheu headquarters

    Commercial and industrial building, LEED®-NC Silver certification

  • Telus Stadium

    Sports installation for soccer and football

  • Cité Desjardins de la coopération Tower

    15-storey office building with the tallest indoor green wall in North America