Entrepreneurship, Simplified

The Québec City area is the perfect place to immigrate and launch a business. Whether you’re looking to create a new business or buy a franchise or company, the opportunities are endless. You just need to surround yourself with the right people. Québec International can provide the support you need to simplify the process!

"Entrepreneurship" Guidebook

Start preparing your project by downloading our entrepreneurship guidebook. This guide has the factual information you need to fuel your decision-making process and make your dreams become reality.

  • Québec International has developed a guidebook for entrepreneurs in collaboration with its expert partners in the business and immigration sectors.

Join the family!

Be a part of Québec City’s business community, a unique place where collaboration is in our DNA. As an entrepreneur, you’ll receive custom support from the area’s key players to help you meet your business objectives.

Québec International can help you integrate into Québec City’s business environment more quickly. Take advantage of our personalized mentorship to benefit from expert advice and easy access to a huge network of experienced professionals.

Our advisors can provide:

  • a personalized analysis of your project;
  • organization services for your first trade mission to Québec City, helping you to:
    • meet potential clients or visit businesses to buy;
    • meet with strategic partners who can help you access:
      • financing programs;
      • advice and mentoring for the immigration process;
      • tax resources and advice;
      • support for relocating your family;
      • incubator-accelerators to help you launch your business project;
      • technology partners;
      • legal advice.

Did someone say “Québec City?”

The Québec City area offers a world of opportunities. It offers all of the same advantages as a major city, with none of the drawbacks. The Québec City area encourages higher knowledge and cutting-edge infrastructures. We cherish creativity and foster innovation so we can build a profitable future for all.

Here, we help businesses prosper. We pride ourselves on it!

Lasting mentorship

Québec International is an extremely valuable partner. This economic development agency can support you right from the start and help fuel your growth for many years.

From trade and market development to attracting qualified foreign workers, and from supporting entrepreneurship and innovation to developing the area’s key industries, Québec International has everything you need to help you succeed.

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