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The CEO’s Column: Local Businesses in Global Media (October 2021)

It’s spooky season! Halloween is approaching, which means that October is already coming to an end! But do not be alarmed: I will not be sharing scary stories here, but rather, inspiring stories. Indeed, with the end of the month comes another edition of my column dedicated to businesses that have shined in international media.

Several local organizations have made an impression around the world over the past few weeks. They have helped highlight the Québec City region’s ingenuity, creativity and determination internationally. Here are some of them:

Artisan Studios

Artisan Studios was founded in France but relocated to Québec City a few years ago with the help of Québec International. Specializing in the creation of 2D role-playing video games and relying on traditional animation techniques, the studio had already caught the attention of the media when it announced its next game: Astria Ascending. With its unique visual style and the contribution of major names to the game, Astria Ascending was heavily covered in the media after its digital release in September.

Some examples of news articles:


Two major companies in the world on insurance, SSQ Insurance and La Capitale, have joined forces a little over a year ago, choosing Beneva as the name for their new company. In doing so, Beneva became the largest mutual insurance company in Canada, with a simpler name for international use. It is for that aspect that the company stood out in the past few weeks, as it officially launched its first large-scale brand awareness campaign since the merger. Already, media from around the world have relayed the news on the new brand identity, promoting the strength of the group.

Some examples of news articles:


Artificial intelligence, e-commerce, cloud computing and apps are part of the everyday activities of Coveo, a Québec City-based company that offers a platform to support the search, recommendation and personalization of digital experiences, designed to only provide the most relevant information. To increase its expertise and outreach, Coveo recently acquired Qubit, a London-based company specializing in personalization technology for merchandising teams. With artificial Intelligence being a hot topic and Coveo already enjoying a favourable position in the field, it is no surprise that the announcement of the acquisition caught the attention of the media.

Some examples of news articles:


It is not uncommon for LeddarTech to attract international attention due to its advances in the field of environmental perception, especially useful in the development of assisted driving vehicles. However, recently, it is the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer who made headlines outside of the province as he became the 14th chancellor and chair of the board of Université de Montréal. His inspiring story and strong belief in the importance of education made him a prime choice for the role and persuaded media from abroad to relay the news.

Some examples of news articles:

Once again congratulations to all these businesses that are making the greater Québec City region shine throughout the world. I am very happy to count on these ambassadors to distinguish Québec City, just as they can count on the Québec International team to help them pursue their growth.

If you have other stories of global reach to share with us, please don’t hesitate to send them to info@quebecinternational.ca. We love hearing from you!

Until next month!

Carl Viel
President and CEO of Québec International